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the benefits of lacto-fermented food

What are the benefits of lacto-fermented foods?

Health Benefits of Eating Lacto-fermented Foods The benefits of fermented foods start with the growth of the bacteria strain lactobacilli during the fermentation process. This type of healthy bacteria enhances digestibility and increases vitamin levels. Lactobacilli convert the starches and sugars of the vegetables into lactic acid which is a natural preservative. It prevents the growth of harmful bacteria while keeping the pH level favorable to good bacterial strains.   One of the great benefits of eating fermented foods is how their enzymes aid in the digestion of the food as you eat them.   Super scientific explanation here  ...
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What’s the Difference Between Fermenting and Rotting?

Ever wonder what’s the difference is between fermenting and rotting food? Short Answer: Rotting is an uncontrolled act of a food decomposing. Dangerous bacteria take over the food in question, breaking it down to a dangerous and foul state. Rotting kills the food. Fermenting is just the opposite. Fermentation is a controlled process that creates an environment in which the food is placed; when done correctly, beneficial bacteria are produced that discourage the growth of harmful bacteria allowing you to eat it well past its ...
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