Does Kombucha Expire

Does Kombucha Expire?

Kombucha is all the rage right now. Whether you make it yourself or buy it at the store, you might ...
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does store bought sauerkraut have probiotics

Does store bought sauerkraut have probiotics?

Part of eating a nutritious diet includes making sure that you eat plenty of probiotics. While you often think of ...
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kombucha keto friendly drink or not

Is Kombucha Keto Friendly?

Two of the hottest health trends right now are the Keto Diet and Kombucha Tea. The keto diet is an ...
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What is a good substitute for salted shrimp?

Best Substitutes for Salted Shrimp in Kimchi Recipe If you have made kimchi before, then you know there are literally ...
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uses for extra Kombucha SCOBY

Clever Uses For Leftover SCOBY

11 Incredibly Clever Uses for Leftover SCOBY (and a few bonus tips on how NOT to use SCOBY) If you ...
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Can Kombucha Cure a Hangover?

Can Kombucha Cure the Dreaded Hangover? It’s Sunday morning, and you wake up with a queasy stomach, dry mouth and ...
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why did my fermented garlic turn blue

Why Did My Fermented Garlic Turn Blue?

Why has my Fermented Garlic turned blue? It is quite a surprise when a batch of fermented garlic turns blue ...
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health benefits of Kombucha Tea

What are the health benefits of Kombucha Tea?

What are the health benefits of Kombucha Tea? Kombucha is a living probiotic tea packed with beneficial bacteria that help ...
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