Fermented & Cultured Foods: (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to frequently asked questions about the process of fermenting food, there are no “one-size-fits-all” answers, as each person has a unique situation. My goal with this FAQ page is to address some of the most common questions that new fermenters have when they are just getting started.


Miso Paste Substitute

What’s the best Miso Paste Substitute? Miso paste is a must-have in my kitchen. This Japanese condiment is worth its…
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kefir vs buttermilk both are probiotic-rich drinks full of gut-healthy bacteria

Kefir VS. Buttermilk

Kefir Vs. Buttermilk Both milk kefir and buttermilk are probiotic-rich drinks full of gut-healthy bacteria. The main difference between kefir…
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