What is a good substitute for salted shrimp?

What is a good substitute for salted shrimp?


Best Substitutes for Salted Shrimp in Kimchi Recipe

If you have made kimchi before, then you know there are literally thousands of ways to make it and just as many ingredient variations. This may be a slight exaggeration, but maybe there is some truth in it too.


Some of those ingredients can be a little unique and depending on where you live; it can be challenging to get your hands on them. I ran into this same situation, and that is why I decided to do a little research, and this is what I came up with for the best substitutions for one ingredient in particular: salted shrimp.


What is a good substitute for salted shrimp when making kimchi
What is a good substitute for salted shrimp when making kimchi?


The first time I made kimchi I followed “The Best Korean Kimchi Recipe” which I found on Cici li’s website. You can read about my experience https://fermenterskitchen.com/first-time-making-korean-kimchi-recipe/.

This incredibly delicious and out of this world kimchi recipe called for multiple shrimp/fish ingredients starting with:

3 oz of Korean dried cod

1/4 cup of salted shrimp (saewoo juht)

1/4 cup of anchovy fish sauce

1/4 cup of lance fish sauce


So, in this instance, I think if you omitted the salted shrimp all together, the other fish ingredients would have provided plenty of the desired umami flavor.



salted shrimp substitute in kimchi korean cuisine recipes



However, you might have a similar recipe that only calls for salted shrimp, so here are my Best Substitutes for Salted Shrimp That You Must Try.

Shrimp Paste

The most similar substitute for salted shrimp is a shrimp paste, and this is what I used as my substitute ingredient. Shrimp paste is basically the same thing as salted shrimp; it’s just in a paste form. It is a ground-up salted shrimp that has been fermented.

Now, if you can’t find shrimp paste, you might consider using anchovy paste.

* 2 teaspoons of shrimp paste may be substituted for the salted shrimp.


Fish Sauce

Although in a side by side comparison salted shrimp and fish sauce might taste pretty different from each other, the fish sauce does provide the desired umami flavor as well as the necessary saltiness. Because of this, along with the fact that it is sold in pretty much every mainstream grocery store in the country, it is probably the most popular substitute for salted shrimp.

*Consider anchovy fish sauce and lance fish sauce as well.

The fish sauce can be substituted just shy of 1:1 and the kimchi will still turn out great.


Dried Shrimp

Another great substitute is dried shrimp. Dried shrimp are shrimp that have been sun-dried and shrunk to thumbnail size and provide a delicious umami taste.

*An equal amount of dried shrimp may be substituted for the salted shrimp.

what is a good substitute for salted shrimp?


Red Miso


If you are allergic to seafood or avoiding shrimp because you are vegan or vegetarian than red miso is an excellent substitution for salted shrimp. Red miso is made with fermented soybeans and barley, and other grains; its color ranges from dark brown to red making it perfect for kimchi.

Furthermore, red miso paste is full of glutamic acid, the same element responsible for the savory, umami flavor. It is salty and pungent, and you’ll only need a little bit to add some serious umami to your kimchi.



To expand on the umami flavor, take it one step further and combine the miso with dried seaweed or kelp powder. The seaweed would give it the fishy taste, and the miso which is salted and fermented soybean paste would give you the funky salty part.


All in all, there are quite a few salted shrimp substitutes. Don’t forget you can always use them for experimenting with making your own kimchi recipes.


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